The Pocket Family Office for all of us

Bring your data to life

Each and every one of us has essential data scattered all over the place.
These lie with employers, banks, insurance companies or pension funds, and are created and processed in a decentralized manner.

ePlix cleans up and bundles these essential data centrally. Your big advantage: a constant overview and individual access to updated data at any time. There is no need to search a wide variety of sources. The preparation of a tax return or a job change are made significantly easier.

ePlix presents all relevant wage data and your current pension situation in an intuitive way. ePlix collects the data from employers and the pension funds. These services are called mySalary and myPension Benefit and work without any effort from your part.

My Salary

Each and every one of us works and is paid to do so.

ePlix does away with the paperwork.
ePlix brings your wage data directly and clearly to you. Even in the event of illness or accident, ePlix won't let you down!
Instead of you needing to fill out annoying forms from insurance companies, ePlix takes care of it.

Your employer makes this service available to you.

MyPension Benefits

Each and every one of us is well advised to make provisions for old age, death or disability.

ePlix presents your current pension situation, gives you exact forecasts and lets you create and calculate tax breaks digitally. In addition, you can open and manage a vested benefits account or a pillar 3a pension account.

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