Data Privacy Statement regarding the use of the ePlix platform

1. Scope

This Data Privacy Statement describes the procurement and processing of personal data in connection with the ePlix platform from eCare Ltd. It does not describe the procurement and processing of personal data by the providers (and their distribution partners) connected to the platform, who receive data via ePlix under their own responsibility and process these data accordingly. Their Data Privacy Statements can be found at

Should you enter personal data in ePlix relating to persons other than yourself, you are responsible for ensuring that you are authorised to do so and that these persons have been informed of this Data Privacy Statement.

2. Responsible party

The party responsible for data processing by ePlix is eCare Ltd., based in Cham (CHE 114.337.535, hereinafter referred to as "eCare"). The company can be contacted regarding data privacy matters via the address eCare AG, Datenschutz, Hinterbergstrasse 11, 6330 Cham, and the email address [email protected]

3. Data security and privacy

We are subject to the provisions of the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and process your data accordingly, which includes taking the appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure data security.

4. Personal data procured

eCare procures the following personal data directly from you via ePlix:
· Surname and first name
· Date of birth
· Gender
· Marital status
· Nationality
· Residential address
· Social security number
· Copy of identification document
· Password
· Phone number
· E-mail address
· Technical data generated in connection with access to the platform, such as IP addresses, browser data and data regarding the use of ePlix

ePlix receives from the employers/providers connected to ePlix:
· The personal data intended for display and processing in ePlix from the contractual relationship between you and the relevant employer/provider (e.g. salary data, account data, insurance benefits, pension benefits as well as data to verify the identity).

ePlix may use these data itself to calculate further data concerning you, such as details of your pension situation. We will also receive any orders, instructions and information entered by you on ePlix for providers, and which we forward, as well as any message you send to or exchange with us via the various channels.

We may create marketing profiles for statistical and advertising purposes and send you - via the addresses notified to us - personalised advertising from us, from providers and their distribution partners that has been customised on the basis of your situation as known to us (including associated companies).

5. The purpose of data processing

eCare procures your personal data in connection with ePlix for the following purposes:
· The conclusion and execution of the agreement regarding the use of ePlix, in particular with a view to displaying information transferred by providers, using this information to make calculations if appropriate, saving this information for you on the platform, processing and returning this information, issuing orders to providers or monitoring their execution
· Executing our agreements with providers, in particular with a view to enabling providers to identify their clients, providing details on how their information and offers are being used via ePlix, or calculating the fees owed by providers
· Statistics relating to the way in which the platform is used, which help us to better understand the market, needs and other aspects that are important for us in connection with ePlix
· Optimisation, improvement and ongoing development of the platform, our offers and services, based for example on feedback from you, error messages or use of the platform
· Advertising and marketing both in our own interests and in the interests of providers and their distribution partners, including the necessary personalisation and profiling, provided you have consented to this use (see Terms of Use, section 7.2.1)
· Maintenance of the correct operation of ePlix beyond contract performance
· Discovery and handling of abuse
· Enforcement of contractual or legal requirements
· Compliance with applicable law
· Further purposes communicated separately or permitted in accordance with the FADP

6. Data sharing and data transfer abroad

eCare may disclose your personal data relating to ePlix to the following recipients:
· Service providers, including data processors that we contract in order to be able to offer ePlix (e.g. IT providers, cloud services)
· Providers and their distribution partners for the purposes mentioned above
· Associated companies for the purposes mentioned above
· Authorities in Switzerland and abroad

With the exception of data processors, these third parties process the data under their own responsibility, even if eCare has concluded agreements with certain recipients in order to monitor their use of data. We reserve the right to disclose data even when confidential (unless we have expressly agreed with you that we will not disclose these data to certain third parties, provided we are not legally obliged to do so); in these cases we will, with the exception of contact with authorities, take appropriate contractual or other measures to ensure the confidentiality of the data.

The data mentioned may be stored in Europe, or - in less frequent cases - in any country worldwide. For cases in which we transfer personal data to a country without appropriate legal data protection, we ensure a sufficient level of protection by means of contractual agreements, using standard contractual clauses formulated by the European Commission or binding corporate rules, or we rely on the justification of the execution of the contract, the procedure abroad or explicit consent.

7. Your data subject rights

You have various rights as a data subject under the respective applicable data protection law. These rights include in particular the right to information (whether and which of your data we process and certain other details), the right to object to our processing of your data or to certain aspects of it, the right to rectification of incorrect personal data, and under certain circumstances also the right to request the exchange in electronic form of information stored by providers on ePlix (see section 10 of the Terms of Use). If we have obtained your consent, you may withdraw this consent at any time but only with future effect (and subject to other justification we may have for the processing of your personal data, such as legal obligations). The exercise of data subject rights requires correct identification (e.g. with a copy of an identification document). These rights can be enforced care of the address above.

8. Amendments

We reserve the right to make amendments to this Data Privacy Statement at any time. Any new version will apply for registered users of ePlix from the subsequent login following their publication on ePlix or notification, and for all users from the moment of publication on the eCare or ePlix website.