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Frequently asked questions
I tried to set my password. Unfortunately, it did not work.
I did not receive an e-mail during registration.
My ID/my passport is not recognised correctly.
Where can I find my social security number?
The message "ZAS and ID do not match." appears.
"Error" or any other error message appears.
I have a new mobile number/e-mail address. How can I update my existing information in ePlix?
I tried to update my Tellco investment strategy, and it did not work.
Document photo capture - HEIC format not accepted
What is the minimum investment amount for which my transactions will be executed?
Vested benefits accounts
Why should I open a vested benefits account?
Why should I open a vested benefits account with ePlix?
Can I open several vested benefits accounts at once?
Do I need to pay tax on my vested benefits assets?
Can I make voluntary contributions to the vested benefits account?
I found a job again. Am I required to transfer my vested benefits account to my new employer's pension fund?
When can I withdraw my vested benefits?
Can I easily transfer my existing vested benefits balance to ePlix?
Pillar 3a
Why should I open a 3a account with ePlix?
Can I open more than one 3a account?
Do I have to pay tax on my 3a account?
When can I withdraw my 3a assets?
Who is allowed to open a 3a account?
What is the maximum amount that can be deposited in 2021?
Individual strategy
What is the meaning of "automatic rebalancing"?
From what amount are transactions executed automatically?
What costs are incurred in the individual investment strategy for transactions?

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